Girl fell to death from the open window on cruise deliver

MIAMI (AP) — An 18-month-antique Indiana female who fell to her loss of life from the 11th tale of a cruise ship in Puerto Rico plunged from a window inexplicably left open in a kid’s play area, the circle of relatives’ lawyer stated Tuesday.

Police in Puerto Rico had stated Monday that Chloe Wiegand seemingly slipped from her grandfather’s arms Sunday as he becomes keeping her out of an eleventh-floor window at the Freedom of the Seas. But Michael Winkleman, a Miami legal professional who is representing the girl’s own family, stated Tuesday that “the story is not as it had at the start been portrayed within the media.”


“The grandfather did not drop the kid; the kid fell due to an open glass pane that ought to have been closed securely,” he said in an assertion. Winkleman stated Chloe Wiegand, whose father is a South Bend, Indiana, police officer, turned into gambling along with her grandfather within the “children’s water zone” on the delivery as it became docked in Puerto Rico when she asked him to raise her to a wall of windows lining the play location.

“Chloe desired to bang at the glass-like she constantly did at her older brother’s hockey games. Her grandfather’s concept there has been glass similar to anywhere else. However, there was now not, and she was gone in an immediate,” Winkleman said. Police in Puerto Rico declined to comment on Winkleman’s account of the activities leading as much as the child’s fatal fall.

Police Sgt. Nelson Sotelo told the AP on Tuesday that the lady’s circle of relatives will continue to be within the U.S. Territory until the research of her demise is entire. Winkleman’s office said the female’s circle of relatives remained in Puerto Rico on Tuesday, awaiting their infant’s frame to be launched, and they wish to go back home to Indiana as soon as that takes place. Winkleman stated that the woman’s family desires to recognize why a window that “ought to have been closed securely” becomes open. Winkleman said the circle of relatives is “understandably too distraught to speak” approximately the tragedy.

“The circle of relatives wishes solutions as to why there might be an open window in a wall complete of fixed home windows in a children’s play place? Why could you have the hazard without any warning, signal, or be aware?” he requested.

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