Acting Queens District Attorney rewards youth software contributors with tennis training

Acting Queens District Attorney John M. Ryan partnered with the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) and the New York Junior Tennis and Learning to host over six hundred Far Rockaway students on May 24 at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. The event marked the twenty-second iteration of the “Say Yes to Tennis — No to Violence” Day, which changed into commenced by these days deceased DA Richard A. Brown, an avid tennis participant and fan of the U.S. Open.

“A small idea ballooned right into high-quality software to sell nice youth development for children in the furthest regions of Queens County. The aim changed from the beginning to introduce teens and pre-young adults to tennis — a recreation that contains crucial life instructions, including fair play and strength of will,” Ryan stated. The annual event closes the DA’s year-lengthy Straight Talk About Risks (STAR) anti-violence program, through which assistance district lawyers and different legal experts visited nine Far Rockaway schools to talk approximately the dangers of weapons, capsules, and gangs.

The software visited basic to excessive colleges such as Public Schools forty-three, 104, 106, 197, 333, Queens High School for Information Research and Technology, Village Academy, and Academy of Medical Technology Middle School and High School. The day’s activities brought students together with National Tennis Center professionals for preparation. “It is my wish that each infant has benefitted from this revel in a high quality and productive way and that the classes discovered will help them to have vibrant and hit futures,” stated Ryan.


Few Americans recognize that crony capitalists who fleeced institutional buyers out of $17+ Trillion clouded the title on all the mortgages they originated and supposedly sold on the secondary marketplace.
They stole our pension money, wiped out savings, and now they are nevertheless after your private home. In truth, extra than four.9 million house owners have been foreclosed since the Wall Street crash, and there is more on the way.

American’s need help staying in their domestic. If the banks and services might not supply, then where do owners turn for steering via this economic maze of fraud and corruption?

Many are programmed to think, “Lawyer, that’s what I want to get up for me, to find out the fraud, to hold my family from being kicked into the streets.”

Are Lawyers Best Suited to Standup For Homeowners?

As Americans, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the most effective folks that can assist us in navigating felony subjects are lawmakers and lawyers. Fortunately, in the realm of foreclosures law, there are some appropriate ones. However, regarding ferreting out reality or fraud to your foreclosure, few legal professionals (Real Estate legal professionals blanketed) are geared up or have any desire to fight as tough as an ordinary educated owner of a house. It’s a reality that no person will ever care extra approximately saving your own home than you. If staying in your private home is not all that crucial, then maximum attorneys will do. But shoppers beware.

How Do You Choose the Right Lawyer in Foreclosure Matters?

I’ve, in my opinion, talked with masses upon masses of house owners all across America who routinely pay from $1,000 to $30,000+ in lawyer’s fees plus monthly retainers and nevertheless lose their domestic. This is extra, not unusual than you’d think.

I ask house owners, “What turned into the attorney’s method? Was it that will help you purchase time till you’re evicted or absolutely stay in your own home?”

Many owners had no longer concept the give up recreation through. How regularly do we rent attorneys? There aren’t any Consumer Reports on America’s excellent foreclosure techniques, preventing financial institution fraud or attorneys. Most Americans are busy looking to make a living, worrying for loved ones, preserving their heads above water, and would instead keep away from the legal, geographical regions. Who can blame them?

So, unless new information is brought, it makes ideal sense that many owners do not know what to invite to hire an attorney or determine out what makes one effective over the next. When it involves protecting your property, the subsequent fundamental questions will get maximum homeowners started. The following six questions got here from an interview with Justin James. He is the founding father of The Foreclosure Relief Network, an organization devoted to assisting owners in arising for his or her legal rights.

With its network of private investigators, paralegals, and law firms become evolved into training and arming the American client with the records vital to shield families and assets in opposition to the illegal movements of banks. Mr. James emphasizes that “Every homeowner who suspects loan fraud or are in foreclosures or about to be, desires to be educated.

In advance, they need to understand if an attorney will paintings on your behalf or as a substitute see you as a device to gather charges while they stall things off in the courtroom. By asking those fundamental but key questions, that is knowable.” It would help if you interviewed a legal professional, much like you would pick a physician, dentist, CPA, or contractor to work in your private home. You need perfect shape.

Write Your Questions Down

Mr. James suggests that before you cellphone or go to an attorney in man or woman, have your questions written down and talk over with them. 6 Key Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney to Get a Modification or Defend Your Home Against Banks.

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