New York Attorney General Fights Dismissal Motion

The office of the New York Attorney General (OAG) has claimed that crypto change Bitfinex and stablecoin company Tether were operating in New York into 2019, in keeping with official files filed in the New York State Courts on June 8. The OAG has submitted these files to combat Bitfinex and Tether’s motion to push aside the case, a motion filed in May.

The defendants argued that the case must be thrown out because they have no longer run their organizations in New York. They noted that the OAG had appealed to the Martin Act in bringing their case in opposition to the defendants, a securities and commodities law particular to New York State. In yesterday’s string of filings, the OAG submitted almost 30 files that allegedly reveal that the defendants have, in reality, been operating in New York.


In a confirmation towards the case dismissal, Assistant Attorney General Brian Whitehurst discussed the info of the exhibit documents, a number of that have been redacted. Some of these documents purport to expose that the defendants have been in a commercial enterprise in New York all of the way up to 2019. Whitehurst writes:

“The OAG’s research has decided that during January 2019, Bitfinex opened a trading account with a New York-based totally digital currency trading company. Compiled at Exhibit R are redacted versions of electronic mail communications between this company and Respondents from January 2019. These documents do not appear to were produced to the OAG via Respondents following the Court’s order directing manufacturing of substances relevant to non-public jurisdiction.”

Whitehurst also filed a reputable memorandum entitled “Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Respondents’ Motion to Dismiss and For an Immediate Stay” with a complete argument against the motion. In this report, Whitehurst writes that the OAG has shown two times that the Martin Act applies to the case, saying that the defendants’ “ties to New York are many and deep.”

As formerly mentioned through Cointelegraph, on July 8, Bitfinex announced that it used 27% of its Tokinex sales to burn LEO tokens. The aforementioned memorandum additionally mentions this recent event on the way to reveal that the present-day intending isn’t disruptive to Bitfinex business and that they, in reality, appear like seeing good-sized achievement.

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