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Kenya: Mutyambai’s Traffic Rules for VIPs Can’t Be Enforced – MPs

Members of Parliament have faulted the directive by Inspector-General of Police Hilary Mutyambai on street clearance for VIPs announcing it isn’t enforceable because it lacks the needful force of the Traffic Act. Dan Maanzo (Makueni) and Godfrey Osotsi (nominated) stated Mr. Mutyambai overstretched his mandate by way of “purporting” to make legal guidelines in contravention with section 119 of the Traffic Act. The law presents that simplest the Cabinet Secretary accountable, the one in fee of the Interior ministry in this situation, makes the policies.

However, the rules have to be published and taken to the National Assembly for consideration by using the Delegated Legislation committee and be authorized by the House in line with the Statutory Instruments Act earlier than they are applied. “No authority other than Parliament has the power to make laws. The IG ought to be dwelling in the past,” Mr. Maanzo said. The House felony department stated it changed into reading the directive with the opportunity of recommending that Mr. Mutyambai be summoned for thinking through the legislators.


Mr. Manzo, a member of the Delegated Legislation Committee, similarly stated that any regulations delivered to the House have to go through public participation before they’re implemented. Mr. Osotsi stated that the Traffic Act best recognizes the President, ambulances, fireplace brigade, and police motors on a special project like those to be accorded unique clearance with the aid of site visitors police. Effecting the IG’s recommendations might consequently require a modification to the Traffic Act. “No proclamation or round has any pressure of regulation, and public participation is critical. The IG has not quoted any law to again up his round, that it [can not be implemented],” said Mr. Osotsi.


The VIPs

Mr. Mutyambai said 5 categories of Very Important Persons would have the road clearance privilege. Category one has the President, Deputy President, First Lady, Chief Justice, Attorney-General, Defence, Interior, Finance and Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretaries, and Interior, Defence, Finance and Foreign Affairs Principal Secretaries. In addition, the Chief of Defence Forces, Service Commanders of Defence Forces, Inspector-General of the National Police Service, Deputy Inspector-General of the Kenya Police Service, and the Deputy Inspector-General of the Administration Police Service are in the category. In category 3 are the National Assembly and Senate Speakers and Majority Leaders. Category 4 has retired presidents and the retired Prime Minister, while class 5 covers ambulances and the hearth brigade.


According to the IG, the pointers are supposed to streamline visitors’ glide in foremost cities. However, Mr. Mutyambai stated that some other motors would require the authority of traffic officers in specific regions beneath unique instances. “All different cars, including authorities, registered ones, are anticipated to comply with the normal traffic go with the flow. Any government car located violating visitors regulations, especially the ones overlapping, the drivers will be arrested and charged by the regulation,” he warned.

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Rolling through stop signs

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