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Sanwo-Olu Reads Riot Act To Lagosians On Traffic Laws, Dumping Of Refus

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has launched a campaign calling on Lagosians to cooperate together with his administration in the vicinity of site visitors and refuse control to ensure that the nation works for all.
In a quick video clip on Twitter published on The Godfather’s take care of @Ayourb, Sanwo-Olu called on all Lagosians to take duty for the indiscriminate dumping of refuse that has come to be an eyesore throughout the “Centre of Excellence” nowadays.
“You and I as Lagosians want to mirror this excellence in all that we say and do going forward. Traffick, flooding has been an extremely good challenge for me and I believe, for all Lagosians,” he said.
He brought: “Let us take responsibility for the way we treat our Lagos. Our laws had been made for us and we have to make sure that those laws are obeyed to the fullest.
“As your governor, I need to make sure that those legal guidelines paintings, no longer most effective for me, no longer best for you however for absolutely everyone as regulation-abiding citizens.
“No greater disobedience of site visitors lighting fixtures, site visitors signals or even disobedience to law-enforcement officials.
“No more indiscriminate dumping of refuse. Let us join our hands as Lagosians for an extra Lagos,” he stated.

Traffic signs and symptoms or symbols manage the waft of traffic, warn the drivers and individuals of risks beforehand, manual and give statistics to the drivers’ vacation spot, and inform drivers and civilians of roadway services. Traffic symptoms are very beneficial to defend the public from accidents and to present full guidance to drivers to avoid a vehicular incident that sometimes causes someone’s demise. Most of the injuries of today involve the vehicles and drivers which can be reckless.
Before any man or woman receives their motive force license they are undergoing a few examinations and realistic checks to prove that they are accountable enough to drive an automobile. It is one way of making the drivers extra aware to humans that surrounds them and to results that they may face if they may be involved in an accident. Some visitors signs and symptoms are using colorings to inform the general public and drivers on what they’re going to do if that color will seem on the visitors mild. And human beings are very aware of those coloration symbols of visitors mild.
Stop and yield signs. When you spot a STOP signal it manner which you need to prevent earlier than any moves or crosswalk or prevent line painted at the asphalt street. Come to a complete prevent, yield to pedestrians or other cars, and continue cautiously. It is constantly cautioned that whether or not you are a motive force or simply an ordinary character crossing the road you should observe site visitors signs and symptoms and rules to keep away from dangerous accidents which can damage different humans or worst is damage your self. When you spot a YIELD signal, gradual down and be prepared to forestall (it’s is sort of caution to each person in the road). Let traffic, perambulators, or bicycles pass before you enter the crossroads or be a part of some other roadway. You have to come to a whole stop if traffic situations require it.
Yellow warning signs and symptoms or symbols alert the general public to hazards or modifications in conditions in advance. Changes in road format, proximity to a school quarter, intersections or crossroads or a few unique scenarios are examples of caution signs and symptoms. Slow down and obey the sign. To avoid accidents and to keep away from hurting a few humans around the street.
In the manual signs class or group people will locate direction markers, distance and vacation spot signs, and informational signs9thisis a huge assist particularly to folks that are new in town). Green signs give dual carriageway directions and direct individuals through highway interchanges. Blue signs and symptoms listing motorist services, like gas, food, and lodging and so forth. Brown symptoms direct human beings to public leisure regions, state and countrywide parks, historic points of interest, and scenic sites(this is usually utilized by newcomers, folks that just visited the city or town, folks that love to tour should know some of these signs).

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