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Judicial Academy organises schooling programme on ‘Cyber Law’

JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir State Judicial Academy (JKSJA) organized a one-day education program on ‘Cyber Law’ for the Advocates of Jammu and Samba districts here on Sunday. Judge High Court of Jammu and Kashmir Justice Sanjeev Kumar inaugurated the program. The program was hosted by using the Resource Persons, which includes Associate Professor National Law School Bengaluru, Dr. A Nagarathna, and Associate Professor Jammu University, Dr. Savita Nayyar, who shared a plethora of information on the subject with the participants in conjunction with special anecdotes from their personal enjoyment in cyber-regulation.

Vice President High Court Bar Association, Jammu, Rohit Bhagat, General Secretary, Abhishek Wazir, Advocates from Jammu and Samba districts except for contributors of the Bar Association participated in the workshop. During his cope with, Justice Sanjeev Kumar highlighted the significance of Cyber Law for Judicial Officers and said that the advent of cyberspace had revolutionized communication networks, however with its susceptibility to misuse, there may be a first-rate want to equip ourselves with cyber laws. “We need to take essential measures to prevent its misuse, alter its use, tracking its operations, and offer right deterrence to save you recurrence of such offenses,” Justice Kumar said.


He, in addition, stated that we of a is ushering into a generation of digitalization, wherein the whole thing is placed in the cyberspace vis-à-vis communication, banking, commerce, buying and selling, garage of facts, and so forth, which inherently offers criminals adequate opportunity to penetrate and dedicate offenses like robbery, defamation, intimidation amongst others. He commended the State Judicial Academy for organizing this very informative convention on Cyber Law, which could be crucial for the judiciary as no lawyer or Judge can have the funds no longer to recognize digital evidence. ‘Detection of cyber crimes, their right investigation, and energetic prosecution are the present-day challenges of the day and equally essential is the project of powerful adjudication,’ Justice Kumar delivered.

The convention deliberated in element at the significance of Cyber Law for Judicial Officers, Emerging Threat Landscape of Cyber Crimes, Information Technology Act 2008, and Admissibility of Digital Evidence except Search and Seizure of Digital Evidence. There had been brainstorming classes wherein Judicial Officers interacted with the Resource Persons and sought clarifications on specific problems referring to the appreciation of Electronic Evidence. Director, J&K State Judicial Academy Rajeev Gupta, delivered the program by highlighting organizing the Workshop on Cyber Law and moderated the periods.

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