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How to pick out the right legal professional for you

“In searching for a legal professional, you’re searching out advice, a professional marketing consultant on the regulation and your rights and obligations, a strategist, a negotiator, and a litigator.” – Laura Wasser.

A desirable lawyer is all of this stuff and extra. Depending on your problem, it will depend on what kind of lawyer you want. Cairns Family Law Group has provided you with a shortlist that will help you select the right legal professional for you.


What form of legal professional do you need? You must have a licensed professional who’s an expert in their area. After all, you wouldn’t order Chinese meals in an Italian restaurant, would you?



Ask depended on advisors like accountants or buddies for referrals. 80% of our clients have mentioned us by way of their pals, colleagues, or advisors. Another alternative is to investigate what other people are pronouncing about the lawyer. Google critiques are usually a fantastic indication of the law company’s recognition.


Go prepared with a listing of questions. Do you experience comfy with the legal profession? Will they be handling your case personally, or will a junior lawyer be managing it? How plenty do they fee? What is their plan for your situation? Do they provide an explanation for things in a language that you recognize?


Not every lawyer will be the right lawyer for absolutely everyone. It is critical that you feel confident and comfy together with your lawyer. Do you believe them? Are they giving you steering?

Catherine Ross, Accredited Family Law Specialist and Co-Founder of Cairns Family Law Group says:

“Don’t be fooled into hiring a lawyer to tell you what you need to hear – this could no longer benefit you – your legal professional isn’t always your buddy. They are there to present you free felony advice about your rights and duties and assist you in generating alternatives to resolve your trouble.”

Amalie Grima, Co-Founder of Cairns Family Law Group, says:

“Don’t carry a knife to a gunfight. What trouble do you need fixing? What lawyer would be the first class to help you resolve this problem? Just due to the fact you have used one lawyer for your Will and Conveyance before doesn’t necessarily suggest they will be the pleasant attorney in your circle of relatives regulation trouble or commercial litigation. Whatever your problem, it’s miles very critical that you feel your lawyer has your again.”

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