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6 Reasons You May Need to Hire A Family Lawyer

While it is true that a family lawyer deals with the divorce between married spouses, other domestic matters are categorized under family law. A family lawyer deals with various cases involving conflicts between family members that require legal action. Below are some common family law issues in Columbus, OH, where you can seek help from a family lawyer.

Family Lawyer

 Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is when a couple signs an agreement before marriage. The main aim of the agreement is to predetermine any legal arrangements in the event of a divorce. It mainly deals with property rights, spousal support, child custody, and so on.


While adopting a child is a fulfilling experience for a family, it is a long process that can last for months or even years. A well-versed family lawyer can make sure that the adoption process goes smoothly without any delays.

Child Custody

Determining which parent has primary custody or if the child will be in joint custody when parents separate can be a complex process. A family lawyer can help to decide the amount of time the child spends with each parent. A lawyer can help you by showing strong evidence of why you deserve parental rights. They can help by strategizing your attitude and approach during your hearing. An experienced attorney can help you navigate through highly stressful situations and increase your chances of winning custody.


Paternity refers to the state of legally establishing the identity of a child’s father.  There may be circumstances where the court needs to make orders to say who a child’s legal parents are. A family lawyer can help you obtain proof to legally get child support if you are the biological father of your child. Usually, there is no question regarding parentage if the parents are married when a child is born.

Grandparent Rights

Only parents can decide who gets to visit their children; as such, in some cases, parents can bar the grandparents from visiting their grandchildren. If you are a grandparent, you may need to visit a family lawyer to review your options. Your family lawyer can help you obtain legal rights as a temporary solution.


Mediation is when divorcing spouses decide to resolve their issues by discussing them among themselves. It is a less stressful way of sorting out important future arrangements as a mediator helps find common ground between you and your spouse. The presence of a family lawyer can help improve communication when dealing with sensitive issues. This can help provide quicker solutions in resolving disputes more affordably.

Final Thoughts

The importance of hiring a family lawyer to help you settle your disputes cannot be overemphasized. These lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help family members settle a variety of issues. Families can then rationally handle their disputes without their emotions clouding their judgment.

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