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The Government Is Profiting From Child Citizenship Applications while Destitute Families Struggle To Eat

The Home Office is making a huge £24m income every 12 months to charge an extortionate rate to technique the citizenship applications for youngsters of migrant mother and father who had been born or grew up in the UK, a freedom of information request was located.

The surprising statistic changed into exposed by way of marketing campaign group Citizens UK and released to coincide with an authentic watchdog document recommending the fees be scrapped for poor households and lower back if a utility fails.

The fees usually apply to children born inside the UK or who’ve lived in the usa for ten years continuously but whose mother and father are migrants without citizenship or settled reputation. While youngsters in this situation are entitled to claim citizenship, they’re not given it robotically at delivery like the youngsters of British residents or settled migrants. Alternatively, they must pay to undergo the application manner.

By charging £1,012 per software, that is £640 above the processing costs, the authorities are making around £500,000 every week, or £71,429 a day, through this machine. Meanwhile, some mothers and fathers say they’re having to choose between saving to pay the fee and making hire or shopping for food for their families.


If youngsters do no longer get citizenship, they face a confined and precarious destiny inside us a. They may be barred from attending college, danger missing out on jobs, and will even have their right to live inside the UK revoked and face deportation to a country that, in a few instances, they may in no way have visited. While it is nearly impossible to eliminate someone’s citizenship, indefinite leave to remain can be rescinded if someone commits a criminal offense or travels out of doors for too lengthy.

This method, there are frequent cases of folks that discover as British, that handiest speak English, who have long passed to school and constructed their entire lives inside the UK, yet are being detained and every so often deported to a country they have in no way visited. Often international locations where they don’t understand all people and don’t communicate the language.

Right To Family Life

Under the European Convention on Human Rights, there may be a human proper to private and family life. This decent take impact in UK regulation thru the Human Rights Act. In this context, the phrase ‘circle of relatives’ includes the close connection between dad and mom and youngsters. But the right goes further than that, in concept shielding close ties to cherished ones and also “a person’s social identification” – all matters a person who has lived in the UK because delivery or early formative years could be possible to have within the usa.

Citizenship in itself has also formerly been efficaciously argued to be a part of someone’s social identity. In 2016, a person named Mr. Johnson correctly appealed against deportation, given that he had a right to citizenship. Mr. Johnson turned into born in Jamaica in 1985 to a Jamaican mom and British father who had been now not married. He moved to the United Kingdom while he was 4 and had lived within the country ever on account of that.

According to UK law, someone born outside the UK after 1982 is a British citizen is considered one of their mother and father is British. However, up until 2006, a “parent” in this context did no longer encompass a toddler’s father if he was no longer married to the kid’s mother. So although Mr. Johnson changed into entitled to citizenship, he might have had to practice for it and pay the expenses.

As an adult, Mr. Johnson was convicted of a string of offenses, and in March 2011, the authorities wanted to have him deported as a foreign criminal as he was now not a British citizen. Mr. Johnson appealed this on the idea that for him to be denied citizenship becomes discriminatory given that people born in his state of affairs could now routinely be granted citizenship. If he has been granted citizenship, it would not be possible for the government to deport him mechanically.

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