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WIPO CASE a boon for the responsibility of disclosure

There is a responsibility for disclosure in various jurisdictions for there to be a practical examination of patent applications. This disclosure requirement makes the assessment of patentability less complicated. Also, it acts as a fantastic tool to apprehend the honest conduct of an applicant in the course of the prosecution level.

The US patent laws require the applicant to provide known prior art documents at some point of the pendency of a patent utility by way of submitting the records disclosure assertion (IDS). However, the European Patent Office (EPO) obligates an applicant to disclose the outcomes of legit searches and exam reports executed on precedence applications.

Under Indian patent regulation as correctly, the responsibility of disclosure lies with the applicant, beneath phase eight, to provide personal particulars concerning applications relating to the same or significantly the same innovations filed outdoor India. Duty to reveal is likewise a statutory mandate in India, as an applicant undertakes to preserve the Indian Patent Office (IPO) informed of the details of all corresponding overseas applications sometimes, until the furnish of the patent.


Besides this, as and while asked utilizing the controller, the applicant has to furnish files referring to the processing of the application within the nation’s outdoor India. There is no set format to supply the required documents, but the applicant has to provide all applicable files wherein objections were raised underneath phase 8(2). The legislative intent of segment 8 of the Patents Act, 1940 (act), is to assist the IPO inside the right exam of the patent utility using making available all of the statistics required in assessing the patentability of the discovery, mainly in the absence of any on-line get entry to the file records.

India is now a participating you. S . A. Within the World Intellectual Property Organization gadget for Centralized Access to Search and Examination (WIPO CASE). The Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks India signed a cooperation settlement with the Director General of WIPO on 5 October 2017. India has supplied its workplace motion and seeks techniques from February 2018. The objective of the WIPO CASE is just like the segment eight requirements of the Indian Patent Act, 1970, i.E., to increase the nice and efficiency of the examination manner in various patent offices.

WIPO CASE provides its collaborating IP places of work with a platform to replace dossier statistics, which includes but is not constrained to the records submitted through the applicant, including specifications or amendments, and the documents issued via the patent office, which provides for office movements, search reports, written opinions, notifications of refusal or selections to offer.

The platform provided by the WIPO CASE is simple and comfy. If the dossier statistics aren’t in English, then the providing workplaces endeavor to make to be had the statistics in at the least machine-readable format so that English translations can be made available.

The patent places of work may additionally participate as getting access to workplaces or as imparting offices with WIPO CASE. The IPO is taking part in a WIPO CASE both as providing and gaining access to the workplace. As supplying office, IPO can proportion its dossier records to the quantity viable, and as getting access to the office, IPO can retrieve dossier facts from different member imparting offices.

The different supplying patent places of work consist of IP Australia, the Brunei Darussalam Intellectual Property Office, Canadian Intellectual Property Office, National Institute of Industrial Property (France), State Intellectual Property Office of China, EPO, Israel Patent Office, Japan Patent Office, Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand, Korean Intellectual Property Office, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, the United Kingdom Patent Office and US Patent and Trademark Office.

The WIPO CASE device presents advantages to each candidate and patent office by enhancing the nice and performance of patent searches in decreased time. The gadget helps lessen the pendency of programs in patent offices. The requirements to provide dossier facts under section 8(2) will probably no longer be raised for programs where examination of a corresponding application has begun in 2015 and dossier statistics is to be had in WIPO CASE. This is already evident from a significant discount in packages wherein this requirement is raised using IPO.

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