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What Is the Most Dangerous Type of Car Accident?

Did you know that 2% of car crashes are head-on collisions? However, they account for 10% of overall vehicle accident fatalities. What is a head-on collision? It is when two cars traveling towards each other crash front to front. That is the most dangerous type of accident. The injuries sustained in this type of car accident are spinal injuries, brain injuries, obviously, broken bones, and can even cause paralysis.

Many factors can cause a head-on collision. These are driving negligently, being distracted while driving, drunk driving, and others. Car accidents differ from one to another. Just as there are many different causes of car accidents, there are also several different accident types. What is the worst type of car accident? Which are considered to be the most serious collision types? Learning everything you need to know about the common types of accidents will leave you prepared.

Car Accident

Car Accidents Causes

There is not one single cause for a car accident. Many situations happen that cause collision. In most circumstances, only one driver is to blame for the car accident. For example, driving too fast and not obeying the rules-of-the-road can cause drivers to hit another vehicle. Distractions are also a main cause of accidents as they can cause drivers to turn into oncoming traffic or hit an object such as a tree or fire hydrant, sometimes even pedestrians. The cause of your accident is of utmost importance. If you are not at fault for the accident and get injured, you will be liable to receive compensation. The type of car accident you are involved in is also important. All accidents have consequences. Although you may only have a small fender bender, you never know what that effect may have on you. You may find yourself later in life with neck aches or backache. And, of course, don’t underestimate the emotional and mental issues a car crash can bring to you.

What Type of Car Accident Is There?

The outcome of an accident has many factors. These are the type of car, the weight, size, force of impact, and angle. We look below at some common types of car accidents.

1. Head-On Accidents

By far the most dangerous of all! Head-on collisions are the most frequently linked to fatalities. When this type of collision happens, both front ends of the vehicles involved hits each other. The high-speed impact in this type of accident can be devastating to the drivers. Although there are many different causes of head-on accidents, the most common cause is drunk driving. When you drive under the influence, your vision is impaired, your reflexes are slow, and your decision-making skills are impaired. Other causes could be mechanical failure, avoiding obstacles in the road, distractions on the road, and many more.

2. Rear-End Collisions

This type of collision occurs when a car hits the boot of the car in front of it. Driving too close to the front vehicle is a common cause of these types of accidents. However, there is also the possibility that the front car makes a sudden stop, and you cannot stop in time. Of course, the same as in the head-on collisions, distractions, and driving under the influence are common causes of this type of accident. Another is the ever cell phone chatting while driving! A study in California has shown that a ban on cell phones has reduced the number of collisions.

These collisions can cause Some serious injuries caused by these collisions, but mainly to the car taking the impact. Culpability almost always falls on the driver that has done the hitting. If you get rear-ended, you may have a strong case to receive compensation for your injuries. If this does happen to you, you should make an appointment to visit a car accident lawyer and file a personal injury claim.

3. T-Bone Impacts

This type of collision is known as T-bone for the reasons set out below. This accident happens when a car hits another on its side, thereby making a T-shape on impact. These accidents also have severe consequences, particularly if the impact is on the driver’s side. Often these accidents occur at intersections when a driver skips a red light. The degree of serious injuries incurred in this type of accident depends on the vehicles’ speed, weight, and size.

4. Roll Over Accidents

Although all cars are involved in this type of accident, taller cars such as SUVs and trucks are more susceptible. The causes of this are taking corners too quickly or sharply. That makes the vehicles lose their center of gravity and flip over onto their side or roof. Rollovers account for approximately 30 % of fatalities while riding in a passenger vehicle, although they only account for 3% of all serious accidents. Most fatalities in a rollover occur because of the non-usage of seatbelts.

5. Side Swiping Incidents

Two vehicles that are traveling side by side need to keep to their lanes to remain safe. However, for whatever reason, that doesn’t always happen. If one car should decide to move lanes and does not judge the transition, it will sideswipe the other. There are many causes for a sideswipe accident. Among them, avoiding obstacles in the road, drunk driving, impaired vision, and distractions making the drivers lose control of their vehicles. Most sideswiped collisions are not serious; however, when both drivers lose control that injuries can occur. Most sideswiped collisions are not serious; however, both drivers lose control that injuries can occur.

6. One Car Accident

Heard the saying ‘the tree popped out in front of me’? Yes, there are times when single-car accidents happen. This type of accident occurs when you swerve to avoid a car, a pedestrian, a tree, or any number of objects. These can cause injuries, particularly if you hit a pedestrian, but they are minor accidents for the most part.

Don’t Let Your Accident Get the Better of You!

Car accidents are scary! They happen frequently and more than they should. Most accidents and fatalities can be avoided if only most people slow down and follow the road rules. Seek legal assistance no matter how small or what type of car accident you are involved in. They are the professionals and will advise you and help you with receiving compensation for your injuries!

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