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Senate payments intention to reform PA’s Equal Pay Law

Calls to reform Pennsylvania’s same pay law are coming from lawmakers in the kingdom House and Senate and could be heard in the course of a rally in Harrisburg on Monday. Remaining unchanged when you consider that 1959, the law goals to make sure truthful and equal wages for employees acting comparable duties; however, reform advocates say updates are needed to guard the rights of both male and lay personnel.

State Reps. Tina Davis, D-141, and Brian Sims, D-182, are most of the co-sponsors of House Bill 850, which broadens the definitions of the terms “worker” and “wages” to include additional terms of employment and types of benefits. In step with supporters, the updates will assist near gender pay gaps that, on average, see ladies in Pennsylvania earning approximately 80 percent of the salaries taken home by using guys in equivalent jobs.

Davis said she remains frustrated at some point in a recent cellphone interview to see ladies doing the same job as guys with identical education and background incomes much less. “If you sincerely observe the economics of it, the money that could be located again into the financial system (if the wage hole is closed) might give up a lot of the poverty I nevertheless see in Lower Bucks County,” Davis stated.


The legislator says she is assisting nation Sens. Steve Santarsiero, D-10, and Maria Collett, D-12, seeking co-sponsors earlier than introducing a bill within the Senate that mirrors the House suggestion. The senators are also backing Senate Bill 504, brought Wednesday, and waiting for an overview via the Senate Committee on Industry and Labor. That legislation calls for many of the same updates to the identical pay law however lacks some of the tooth included inside the House invoice, especially concerning a collection of unpaid wages.

If HB 850 had been to grow to be law, no longer could an employee be susceptible to retaliation from his or her company for inquiring about or discussing their own wages or the wages earned through others. Further, when an organization is observed to have violated the regulation, the worker would be entitled to “the distinction between the number of wages paid and the most salary paid another employee for same work,” as well as compensatory damages, reasonable lawyer costs, and punitive damages if the violation is discovered to be intentional or devoted recklessly.

The wondering behind this provision, Santarsiero said whilst reached by way of telephone Friday, “is to make certain there may be a few persist with make certain employers certainly follow the regulation.” Santarsiero says reforms to the regulation are “first and important approximately fundamental fairness” and erasing the disparity between wages earned using males and females. Beyond that, he said the updates would, in many instances, lift human beings out of poverty while leading to extra money pumped returned into the economic system thru spending and investment.

Sims called Pennsylvania’s salary machine “damaged” and stated it discourages workers “from status up and speaking out” due to fear of dropping their activity. The nation Attorney General could be legal take prison action towards a corporation searching to acquire unpaid wages to one or greater employees if the bill becomes law. “The time for change is past due,” Collett said in a statement, noting that Pennsylvania lags behind other states in protecting the earning rights of woman workers, in particular, minorities. Lawmakers in both chambers have solicited aid from advocacy groups, including the Bucks County Women’s Advocacy Coalition, Women’s Law Project, and the Pennsylvania Commission for Women, with representatives from several groups slated to speak at some point on Monday’s rally in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg.

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