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Everything you need to know about dog bite personal injury cases

The United States has the highest number of dog bite cases per year. It is estimated that about four and a half million people are affected by this type of incident, of which, fortunately, most do not receive serious bites. However, 1 in 5 do suffer more severe consequences ranging from prolonged hospital admissions, reconstructive operations, specific medication to fight infections, and psychological treatment (sometimes long) derived from the shock of the accident.

dog bite

Both for less severe cases and the latter, victims are always in a position to make a personal injury claim, according to one of the best dog bite attorneys in Philly, one of the cities most affected by this type of problem.

The steps to follow to claim once we have been victims of this type of incident are as follows:

  1. To have the help of a specialist lawyer. As simple as these cases may seem, they need to be reviewed by a specialist before filing a claim. There are hundreds of expert lawyers in the country who have already handled similar cases, so it is usually not difficult to find one who can assist you in this particular situation.
  2. Go to a medical center that can assess the severity of the injuries. Both to be treated and obtain a medical report that can later be attached to the claim, and it is essential to go to a medical center. The deadline to go if you want to file a claim is 72 hours from the attack occurred. However, the time limit for filing a claim is up to three years.

The documents that we obtain at the moment of being attended at the medical center will be fundamental at the time of establishing the amount of the compensation, since, in case of surgical intervention or reconstruction, this will be greater, in the same way as if it is estimated that due to the seriousness of the injuries the person should receive compensation for pain and suffering and alteration of their quality of life.

  1. File a claim. When filing a claim for personal injury caused by a dog bite, a few final details must be worked out. Among them, we must consider that the compensation will be higher if it is demonstrated that the dog is a recidivist if it has previously attacked other people or belongs to a breed considered dangerous. The amount of the compensation must be paid by the owner of the dog or by the insurance of the animal, in case it is insured. The estimated time the affected person will receive the compensation ranges from 20 days to two months if the whole process goes smoothly and the claim is not reviewed.

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