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Boyle’s lawyer says alleged sufferer lied

OTTAWA — Defence lawyer Lawrence Greenspon suggests former Afghanistan hostage Caitlan Coleman lied this week whilst she testified in her estranged husband’s crook trial that she got approval from her lawyers to talk. The media. Greenspon says no equipped attorney could have told a witness it become OK to speak to the media even as she turned into within the midst of her testimony, elevating questions on her credibility.

Coleman’s husband, Joshua Boyle, 35, faces 19 prices, including a sexual attack, assault, and illegal confinement, for acts he allegedly committed in Ottawa after the couple changed into freed following five years as hostages of Taliban-linked extremists in Afghanistan. Coleman, 33, became beneath cross-examination on the trial Wednesday, when Greenspon requested her approximately three media interviews she did with ABC News, CBC News, and the Washington Post in April and May.

She stated she only gave the interviews after checking with both her own family and criminal lawyers to make sure it turned into all proper. The change put the rest of Greenspon’s go-examination on preserve pending a selection using the decision on whether or not Coleman had waived her solicitor-purchaser privilege and whether her legal professionals would come to be witnesses within the case.


The city of Calgary under a severe thunderstorm warning

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A excessive thunderstorm caution has been issued for the town of Calgary. At 10: 56 p.M. MDT, Environment Canada meteorologists are tracking a severe thunderstorm capable of generating very sturdy wind gusts, up to ping pong ball size hail, and torrential rain. A cluster of intense thunderstorms is located 10 km northwest of Calgary and transfers southeast at 15 km/h. This typhoon is expected to affect northern sections of the metropolis of Calgary especially.

Remember, severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes. Lightning kills and injures Canadians every yr. Remember, when thunder roars, move interior! Severe thunderstorm warnings are issued when forthcoming or happening thunderstorms are probably to provide or produce one or more of the subsequent: large hail, damaging winds, torrential rainfall.

A horse has died after a Stampede chuckwagon race.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A horse that collapsed at some stage in the second warmness of the chuckwagon races on Monday has died. In a release, the Stampede says the pony required veterinary care due to a serious inner scientific condition, and it died because of that circumstance. Although Kristina Barnes with the Calgary Stampede started, the horse’s proprietor Troy Dorchester knew something wasn’t proper from the start of the race and pulled his crew returned heading into the primary flip.

Barnes stated this was when the pony collapsed. “The horse that went down wished veterinary attention, luckily none of the other horses in that crew or on the tune have been injured,” said Barnes. President for the Calgary Stampede Dana Peers stated that the maximum essential issue to the Stampede is protection.“It is always first and important for us. Any time something like this takes place, it’s far vital for the right humans to be there,” stated Peers.

A put-up more on the 14-year-old gelding is being done. The animal had exceeded a thorough veterinary examination before the race. The Stampede says at this time there’s no indication the scientific circumstance is unique to chuckwagon racing. The horse has been with Dorchester and his circle of relatives for near eleven years, Barnes introduced, announcing that this is a hard time for them, as they have misplaced a member in their family. However, all of us concerned did what they might for the horse. “Troy himself doing the whole thing he has achieved for the horse in terms of care and spending time with him; Troy is aware of he did the entirety he probably should,” said Barnes.

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