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Auto Accident Settlements: The Ultimate Guide

Were you in a car crash?

Unfortunately, it’s not a surprise. Since the pandemic began, there are many more reckless drivers on the roads than there used to be. While the number of drivers on the roads went down, the overall car accident death rate went up 12.7% in the United States. We’re so glad you survived your car crash; however, it can feel as if your life is over if you were injured. Thankfully, you can have a full recovery by learning how to navigate auto accident settlements.

What type of damages can you claim, and how do you find the right lawyer? Read on to find out!

Find the Right Type of Car Crash Lawyer

The first thing you need to learn about auto accident settlements is how to find the right type of car accident lawyer. For instance, you need one that will help you win your case while also charging an affordable rate. To find the best attorney, set up a free consultation where you can meet the lawyer in person. During your consultation, find out what the attorney’s expertise is and whether or not they’ve handled cases like yours before. Finally, if at anytime a lawyer tries to charge you more than 40% for the contingency fee, take your business elsewhere.


Types of Damages You Can Claim

During a personal injury claim, damages are the things you sue the at-fault party for, such as medical bills. Here are a few more examples of the types of damages you can claim:

All of the damages above are considered economical, which means you’ll be compensated for your losses if you win your case. However, you may also be eligible to sue for punitive damages. Punitive damages aren’t economical since you won’t receive money from them. Instead, punitive damages are all about punishing the at-fault party for their reckless behavior.

Documents and Evidence to Gather

The sooner you meet with an attorney after your car accident, the better. When you go to your 1st legal consultation, you should bring these items with you:

  • Witness contact information
  • Copy of police report
  • Medical records
  • Proof of income
  • Your written testimony
  • Insurance provider information

It would help if you also had photographs of the accident and your injuries to show the attorney.

Get the Best Auto Accident Settlements

It’s clear to see that the best auto accident settlements are the ones guided by a qualified lawyer. Since finding the perfect lawyer to represent your case can take some time, don’t wait another day to start your search. We suggest you set up 2-3 free legal consultations today. Remember to ask about the lawyer’s expertise and case winning history. Once you have an attorney you can trust, you can provide them with the documents they’ll need to get the ball rolling! For more helpful tips like these, explore the rest of this site.

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