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Attempt to defy global regulation over Golan Heights sovereignty

Israel took over the Golan Heights on its northern border with Syria, following the 1967 war, and annexed them in 1981, which the Security Council declared an illegal act. The French deputy ambassador, Anne Guegen, told the assembly on Wednesday nighttime in New York that the European Union had affirmed in advance within the day that its Member States did now not apprehend Israel’s sovereignty, and that any efforts to override Council resolutions over the land have been “doomed to failure.”

However, the consultant for America, Rodney Hunter, confident the Council that the United States selection on the Golan Heights, might no longer impact the protection or deployment of the UN peacekeeping pressure deployed to the Golan, known as UNDOF, which monitors the ceasefire between Israel and Syria.

He said UNDOF “maintains to have an essential role to play in maintaining balance…most significantly through making sure that the Area of Separation is a buffer sector unfastened from any army presence or activities”. The diplomat referred to that the Council has not to receive any Syrian efforts to go into the separation region.


UN Peacekeeping Operations chief, Jean Pierre Lacroix, instructed the meeting that the ceasefire monitored through UNDOF had held, notwithstanding several violations: “It is critical that the parties at all times appreciate the Disengagement of Forces Agreement to hold stability at the Golan,” he stated.

“The significance of the events retaining their liaison with UNDOF inside the first instance cannot be over-emphasized,” he persevered. “We anticipate Members of the Security Council to assist efforts to sensitize both parties and regional stakeholders to the dangers of escalation, and they want to hold the long-standing ceasefire between Israel and Syria.”

The UN’s head of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, reiterated the view of the Secretary-General António Guterres, expressed in advance this week, that “the fame of the Golan has now not modified” within the mild of America choice.

“We wish that the recent developments will not be used as an excuse via everyone to pursue movements that might undermine the relative stability of the scenario on Golan and past,” stated Ms. DiCarlo. “We will hold to reveal traits on the ground closely and could hold the Council knowledgeable, as suitable.” For further insurance, including statements made on behalf of Israel, Syria, and others, please visit our complete UN Meetings Coverage document, right here.

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