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Eviction of Embassy Activists ‘Will Violate International Law’

This is the 34th day of our dwelling within the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. We are prepared to live another 34 days, or however long it is wanted to clear up the embassy dispute in a peaceful manner consistent with worldwide regulation. This memo is being dispatched to the United States and Venezuela as well as participants of our Collective and allies. We are encouraging human beings to submit this memo as an obvious method is needed to save you America from creating a unilateral choice that could affect the security of embassies around the world and lead to army battles.

There are ways to clear up the troubles across the Venezuelan embassy in DC, which we can explain.
Before doing so, we reiterate that our collective is considered one of unbiased human beings and groups not affiliated with any government. While we’re all US citizens, we aren’t sellers of the United States. While we are here with the permission of the Venezuelan authorities, we are not their agents or representatives.
We are right here inside the embassy lawfully. We are breaking no legal guidelines. We did no longer unlawfully enter, and we are not trespassing.


1. Exiting with a Protecting Power Agreement. The exit from the embassy that first-rate resolves issues to the gain of the United States and Venezuela is a mutual Protecting Power Agreement. The United States wishes a Protecting Power for its embassy in Caracas. Venezuela desires a Protecting Power for its embassy in DC. Such agreements aren’t unusual when diplomatic relations are severed. A Protecting Power Agreement might keep away from a navy conflict that would result in a battle. A battle in Venezuela could be catastrophic for Venezuela, the US, and the vicinity. It would result in lives lost and mass migration from the chaos and battle of the war. It could value America’s trillions of greenbacks and grow to be a quagmire related to allied international locations around the sector.

We are serving as meantime protectors inside the desire that the two international locations can negotiate this decision. If this occurs, we are able to take the banners off the constructing, p.C. Our substances, and leave voluntarily. The strength may grow to become one, and we can force out. We advocate a video stroll-via with embassy officers to show that the Embassy Protection Collective did no longer damage the building. The best damage to the building has been inflicted by coup supporters within the direction in their unprosecuted wreck-ins.

2. The United States violates the Vienna Convention, makes an unlawful eviction and unlawful arrests
This method will violate worldwide law and is fraught with risks. The United States would have to reduce the chains in the front door put up by the embassy team of workers and violate the embassy. We have positioned up obstacles there and at other entrances to defend us from consistent run-ins and threats from the trespassers whom the police are permitting outdoor the embassy. The police’s failure to shield the embassy and the United States citizen’s interior has compelled us to take these actions.

The Embassy Protectors will now not barricade themselves, or conceal inside the embassy within the occasion of an unlawful entry via the police. We will acquire collectively and peacefully assert our rights to stay inside the building and uphold worldwide regulation. Any order to vacate primarily based on a request via coup conspirators that lack governing authority will no longer be a lawful order. The coup has failed multiple instances in Venezuela. The elected government is identified by way of the Venezuelan courts beneath Venezuelan law and through the United Nations under international law. Order by using the US-appointed coup plotters could now not be legal.

Such access could place embassies around the arena and inside the United States at threat. We are worried about US embassies and personnel around the arena if the Vienna Convention is violated at this embassy. It might set a risky precedent that might likely be used against US embassies. If an unlawful eviction and illegal arrests are made, we will keep all selection-makers in the chain of command and all officers who enforce illegal orders accountable.

If there’s a notice that we are trespassing and want to vacate the premises, please offer it to our legal professional Mara Verhayden-Hilliard, copied on this memo. We have sorted this embassy and request a video excursion of the building earlier than any arrests. We wish a wise and calm method to this issue can be performed so the escalation of this conflict can be avoided. There is no need for America and Venezuela to be enemies. Resolving this embassy dispute diplomatically must cause negotiations over different troubles between the international locations.

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