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Study: On Streets With Bike Lanes, Cyclists Break the Law 13 Times Less Often Than Drivers

Stay in a dialogue about commuter biking lengthy sufficient. You’re certain to hear a common chorus: Drivers don’t always hate the concept of sharing the street with cyclists; they simply hate how cyclists ruin such a lot of dang regulations. It’s the age-antique stereotype of the “scofflaw cyclists,” those who flout visitors laws as though they’re entitled to act, but they want on the street. But are cyclists sincerely more vulnerable to breaking the regulation than different travelers?

Research to date says no: A Florida examine closing yr found that cyclists honestly obey traffic legal guidelines at slightly better charges than drivers. In 2017, a observed by using U.S. Professors within the Journal of Transport and Land Use noted a similar breakdown—and concluded that when cyclists do ruin laws, they do so in large part because they feel they ought to that allows you to live secure.

Now, we’ve got evidence that on streets with accurate bike lanes—the type of infrastructure confirmed to make trips more secure for cyclists in addition to drivers—the law-breaking drops dramatically. According to a new look at out of famously bike-pleasant Denmark, cyclists on streets with special cycleways broke the policies much less than 5 percent of the time. That number rose to fourteen percent on streets without cycleways.


Conducted using the consulting company Rambøll for the Danish Road Directorate, an agency that oversees Denmark’s national street network, the look at used video cameras to capture the conduct of extra than 28,500 cyclists at major intersections at some point of us of a. Cyclists had been twice as probably to break the regulation in smaller towns with fewer motorcycle lanes (eight. Three percent versus Copenhagen’s four.2 percent). The most not unusual offenses had been turning proper without the proper manner and riding on the sidewalk.

A previous examination carried out by using the Danish city design firm Copenhagenize reached a comparable conclusion. Analyzing 80,000 cyclists, it also located that simplest about 5 percent broke site visitors legal guidelines. Now, how do these cyclists compare to others on Danish roadways? While the Rambøll observes did not look at driver conduct, prior studies using the Danish Road Directorate discovered that sixty-six percent of u. S. A .’s drivers often broke traffic legal guidelines (most usually by rushing). That’s greater than four. Five times the amount of cyclists on streets without motorcycle lanes, and nearly thirteen.5 instances extra than cyclists on streets with bike lanes.

Of route, Denmark, and especially Copenhagen, is already tons friendlier toward cyclists than many different places,affectingd the outcomes. By evaluating Florida, the site of closing 12 months, observing finding relative rule-breaking parity between American cyclists and drivers, had much less than 5 miles of included motorcycle lanes inside the whole country. It additionally had one of the highest per-capita quotes of cycling deaths in u . S. A. But the satisfactory manner out of this deadly reality appears to be improving streets to make them more secure for cycling—now not asking individual cyclists to behave more properly behaved. While understanding traffic laws and riding etiquette is usually crucial, it may update high-quality bike lanes. The numbers increasingly back this up.

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