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Police Transparency Law Does Not Cover Car Accidents

A regulation intended to increase public get right of entry to police records does not observe cases of officers killing people in unintentional car crashes, in line with the San Diego Police Department. KPBS sought information associated with an incident on the nighttime of June 8, whilst 33-year-antique Bernadette Granting was struck and killed with the aid of two police vehicles. However, the police department denied the request. The police automobiles were riding on West Washington Street in Hillcrest while responding to a burglary. The name did now not warrant the use of patrol lighting fixtures, according to a department press release.

“A woman entered the road and turned into struck by way of the first police car,” the click release from June 10 states. “The 2nd police automobile swerved to the proper to avoid the collision and struck the lady who was driven into the right lane.” Granting becomes taken to a health facility where she became stated useless. The San Diego County Medical Examiner said she regarded to be homeless and that her demise changed into an accident.

The new state transparency regulation, SB 1421, permits public access to police information in 4 situations: when an officer discharges their firearm, while an officer uses force that outcomes in severe injury or demise, whilst an officer is located to had been dishonest during an investigation, and whilst an officer is observed to have committed sexual attack.

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San Diego police spokesman Shawn Takeuchi stated the department defines “force” as “the act of gaining and/or maintaining manipulate of a subject or state of affairs.” He stated that the collision turned unintentional; it did no longer meet the standards for SB 1421, so records sought with the aid of KPBS might no longer be released.

The regulation could allow for the public to get entry to facts whilst a police officer uses their automobile deliberately in the act of “pressure,” or while an officer shoots a person — even using coincidence — but not whilst an officer injures or kills a person via coincidence with an automobile. Takeuchi delivered the California Vehicle Code does now not allow for public disclosure of coincidence reviews except to people involved inside the collision or their representatives.

Matthew Halgren, a First Amendment legal professional with Sheppard Mullin who has represented KPBS in previous public information instances, stated SB 1421 had shed some new mild on regulation enforcement agencies, which had been previously shielded through strict privateness legal guidelines. But he stated departments and courts have numerous of their implementation of the regulation.

“There are at least some aspects of police behavior and misconduct that aren’t to be had under public statistics requests, even underneath SB 1421,” Halgren stated. “So honestly, this is a place that is probably ripe for an additional legislative motion to in addition beautify public get right of entry to.” Fred Laleh, a proprietor of the Mediterranean Cafe restaurant at the block of West Washington Street where Granting was hit, stated he often sees people he believes to be homeless crossing the road unsafely. “I go lower than the speed restrictions due to the fact I understand they are out right here, and they’re just crossing the road without paying attention,” he stated. Laleh stated he did no longer blame the police for Grantling’s loss of life because they had to power quickly to reply to the suggested housebreaking.

A further case inside the beyond yr of a police automobile hitting and killing a pedestrian: Jesus Cazares, 60, died after being hit using a police vehicle simultaneously as he was trying to move 47th Street in Lincoln Park on Sept. 3, 2018. Oscar Medina, a venture supervisor for Circulate San Diego, a nonprofit that advocates for San Diego’s Vision Zero initiative to stop all traffic deaths by 2025, stated Grantling’s loss of life suggests a need for extra investment in safe street infrastructure.

“Even whilst human blunders take place through either pedestrians or motorists, our streets ought to be designed to make sure mistakes are not fatal,” Medina said in a press launch on June 10. “One death on San Diego’s streets is too many.” San Diego’s Vision Zero internet site indicates two pedestrians have been severely injured in collisions within a block of in which Granting became hit. Those collisions occurred in 2015 and 2016.

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