Law Students Criticize BCI Chairman’s Remarks Against Justices Lokur, Chelameswar

The stand taken by using the Chairman of Bar Council of India Manan Kumar Mishra has all over again come underneath sharp grievance from a body of law students. Criticizing the click launch issued by the Chairman towards ex-judges Justice Lokur and Chelameswar, who had disapproved the manner observed via in-house inquiry even as clearing the CJI’s call inside the sexual harassment allegations, the Maharashtra Students Law Association (MASLA) has written to him. “We are also very well disturbed via the insensitive remarks inside the Press Release directed towards Retired Supreme Court Justices Mr. Chelameshwar and Mr.Lokur,” said the letter.

“Why are those honorable guys being centered? Is it absolutely because they chose to speak their minds? Is it due to the fact they may be now not toeing the respectable line that the BCI appears to have desirous about you at the helm?” they asked. In an editorial titled “A One-Sided Justice” posted by using Live Law, Justice Lokur had commented that the Court became driven using an “institutional bias” at the same time as disregarding the allegations raised by way of the lady. Justice Chelameswar had opined that the Supreme Court did not observe due system even as hearing the sexual harassment fees in opposition to Chief Justice of India. The BCI Chairman had expressed his ‘surprise and marvel’ about the remarks made by way of Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice J. Chelameswar and entreated them to “keep decorum.”

Slamming this stand, MASLA has written:

“The tone of the Press Release is disparaging, to say the least. It effortlessly upends the perspectives of the 2 ex-judges to serve a duplicitous and perverse narrative of institutional harm. The institution has already been broken, however now, not because the brave have spoken up, however as a substitute because the meek have now not. The human beings who have expressed their reservations and dissatisfaction approximately how this issue got here to be dealt with are some distance from disgruntled people. They are reasoned people who have made their factors legally and morally”.

law Students

The letter went on to add :

“The Press Release has absolutely pushed aside the prerogative of the lady complainant and basically her plea that justice has now not been served. The press release does now not additionally explain the CJI Mr. Gogoi’s modified stance for the reason that Press meeting of the judges in 2018 wherein he changed into a willing player with the 2 ex-judges”, said the letter penned via Deepa Punjani, Executive Committee Member of the MASLA.

The MASLA asked the BCI Chairman to no longer polarize this difficulty and increase an apology to the two ex-judges for the “terribly misconceived” Press Release. They have also invited the Chairman’s interest in troubles affecting the prison schooling region. Finally, the MASLA rued that the BCI had now not paid any interest to the sooner representations despatched to highlight the troubles confronted with the aid of regulation college students in Maharashtra, particularly in the light of amendments brought by Mumbai University.

Earlier, the MASLA had written a letter slamming the jibes made by using BCI Chairman against the complainant who had raised the allegations in opposition to the CJI. “You select to protect this male-centric edifice by using not thinking it when questions need to be requested, however uncomfortable these can be,” stated the sooner letter. It is a popular fact that human civilization continually needs a ruler. Without a ruler, no civilization can exist. Even the finest civilization breaks, while the ruler turns into vulnerable.

Each feasible being inside the beyond dominated the humans. They have been ruled via kings, queens, dictators, Bishops, Priests, Prophets, dacoits, thugs, communists, or elected representatives. Yet all of the rulers have been people whom we should recognize and perceive. The modern global is dominated with the aid of Laws in preference to humans. Most civilized countries take pride in claiming that they have got the rule of regulation in place of the rule of thumb of any character. Laws have come to be so ideally suited that even the actual rulers like Presidents and Prime Ministers are purported to be subordinate to it. Thomas Fuller, an English churchman, and historian rightly expressed the ethos of the rule of regulation in the following phrases.

“Be you ever so excessive; the regulation is above you”. Law is considered impersonal as it can be written in phrases and codified within the law books. It offers a sense to the citizen that everyone is the same earlier than the law, be it the President/ Prime Minister of a rustic or a regular individual. Good human beings respect laws as they consider that the laws are made to gain society while the criminals destroy the legal guidelines to make a fortune for themselves.

Yet each person suffers within the arms of law which cannot be visible or heard. Laws have emerged as like a jail this is suffocating the modern man. There is rarely any act of pleasure or happiness which isn’t prohibited with the aid of one law or other. Hence the law abiders lose happiness as they have nothing to revel in by following the regulation at the same time as the lawbreakers lose happiness because they constantly worry that the long hand of legal guidelines can capture them and punish them. It is a fantastic lack of understanding of people to treat legal guidelines like an innate item lacking human characteristics. In truth, laws are like any other man or woman, and your relationships with regulation could depend upon your understanding of the regulation. So let us discuss the human attributes of legal guidelines.

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