How Maluma’s Parents’ Divorce Shaped His View on Love and Marriage

The 25-yr-old singer — whose real name is Juan Luis Londoño Arias — may also show enthusiasts a glimpse of his existence on social media. Still, the Medellín local is taking it one step similarly with his new YouTube Originals documentary, titled MALUMA: Lo Que Era, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré. The 90-minute feature, directed by Jessy Terrero, lines the singer’s journey from his humble origins in Colombia, his domestic and own family existence, the moment he determined to pursue a career in song, in addition to his evolution to selling out stadiums global.

Featuring exclusive interviews along with his mother and father, Marelli Arias and Luis Londoño, older sister Manuela, own family contributors, longtime buddies, and Maluma himself, the “Felices Los Cuatro” singer tells ET thru phone how essential it turned into for him to percentage his tale with fans. “It was vital to show how I came up [began my career] due to the fact I suppose that is one of the maximum unique moments of an artist, the common-or-garden beginning and being on level,” Maluma explains. “I wanted to do it this manner to reveal what I actually have long gone via to get to where I am now. For a long time now, I had wanted to make a documentary that was raw and confirmed the proper backstage of my profession.”

From a young age, Maluma had dreamed of turning into a big-name soccer. At the same time, he additionally evolved a love and ardor for music, in the long run identifying to cease the game and end up a singer. His mother and father have been going through a tumultuous separation, together with his father leaving for Bogota while he became 10 years old. With the family’s patriarch long gone, Maluma saw himself as the man of the residence with a huge responsibility to take care of his mom and sister.


“In reality, while my parents got divorced, it superbly affected my lifestyles and profession due to the fact I needed to cross get el pan del día and discover a way to assist them,” he recollects. “That became after I did a lot of factors to bring food to the table for my own family. I decided to go away with soccer at the back of and cognizance of my track profession, which changed into something that I had additionally wanted to do all my lifestyles. Everything happens for a cause. Everything has a ‘why.'”

Maluma, who has been relationship model Natalia Barulich for two years, shares he nonetheless has completely open thoughts about what love and marriage mean to him. “I think that marriage is something essential for people who are large believers of Catholicism,” Maluma expresses. “[Marriage] is something decent. However, every person’s life is exceptional. More than a hoop, I trust that love is all approximately your heart. Your heart and your accomplice’s heart. You shouldn’t get married to have a beautiful court along with your companion. It’s a very first-rate that a pair might want to get married. However, it goes beyond being in a church.”

The documentary also explores his early concerts, various and downs, and how he ultimately made his desires come actual. After spending a lot of time in front of the camera for the documentary, Maluma says he has aspirations of performing inside the destiny — however, all in due time. “Yes, honestly, I would like to [act]. It’s simply that the whole thing comes at its second,” he says, explaining that at this second, his song comes first. “Then, with God’s help, I will search for opportunities to act. But if I do it, I might want to do something massive. To do something in Hollywood, something that represents a large motion. At the moment, I’m targeted on my musical career.”

As viewers get a danger to see inside the document, Maluma does now not take something for granted and continuously counts his benefits. “So many outstanding matters have occurred in my lifestyles,” Maluma displays. “Right now, I am focused on the discharge of my new album, 11:11, and my documentary on YouTube. I lately dropped my track, ‘HP,’ which did nicely. I’ve been liberating plenty of the latest track. I additionally did a tune with Becky G, ‘La Repuesta.’ I had the respect of writing a track for Marc Anthony, ‘Parecen Viernes.'” “I can also be going on tour in Mexico, the U.S., And Europe,” he adds before taking a second to reiterate that he’s “operating hard to make all my goals come proper.”

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