Former crook legal professional convicted in drug case disbarred

Once taken into consideration to be one every of Acadiana’s top criminal protection lawyers, Daniel James Stanford has been officially disbarred. Stanford was convicted in 2014 on drug and cash-laundering fees in a federal courtroom and changed into sentenced in 2015 to serve 10 years in federal prison. The conviction becomes related to federal research of Curious Goods, which turned into speculated to have sold extra than $5 million of synthetic marijuana. Another lawyer accused in the investigation died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound earlier than his trial started.

According to launch from the country Supreme Court, Stanford’s disbarment responds to a joint motion from Stanford and the state Office of Disciplinary Counsel. In that motion, Stanford acknowledges that his conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct for legal professionals. His disbarment is retroactive to September 2014, when he turned into suspended following his conviction. You have just been involved in a car collision which turned into not your fault. Your car is all banged up; you are hurt; you’re likely concerned about many of the effects this collision has now created, and as the expression goes: “this simply wasn’t a great time for this sort of aspect”.

There are one zero one matters racing thru your mind. Certainly, the ultimate issue you need is to worry about finding an awesome legal professional to address subjects for you. Hopefully, this article will give you a leg up on doing that search a chunk simpler by allowing you to recognize what to search for and by using allowing you to recognize what inquiries to ask.


Plan of motion to clear up the problem: discover a lawyer to help!

Finding a lawyer is straightforward. Finding the right legal professional is probably a little tougher. First, take into account that there’s nothing right now essential approximately hiring a legal professional. I advise, however, which you accomplish that inside 2 – 3 days of the collision. In this fashion, you may avoid being hassled with the aid of coverage adjusters, and a shrewd path of action for you and your case may be formulated, back to finding that lawyer. If you’ve got an excellent case, there are loads of lawyers who could be thrilled to be just right for you. I would be less than honest if I didn’t admit that criminal costs for “private harm” instances can be very handsome. Such fees for the right lawyer, however, are properly worth it. Read on, and you may see why.

You must be capable of apprehending a sincere appreciative mindset on the part of the legal professional you pick out. Again, there are hundreds of legal professionals who’d be very glad to have you as a patron. If the legal professional you pick isn’t certainly one of them, locate one who’s. That attorney will work very tough for you. Keep reading, and I’ll assist you in learning how to choose the proper legal professional.
The Initial Stages and primary contact. Your automobile needs restoration, you need scientific treatment, and your capacity to go to paintings at this point is doubtful, both because you currently lack transportation and because you do not sense physically capable of doing so. Insurance adjusters are calling.

What ought to you do? A precise lawyer can tell you. A top attorney will also discover many essential things, inclusive of: did police look into? Was the other celebration given a price ticket? Who’s the opposite man? Is there coverage? Is there sufficient coverage? Again, an excellent attorney will propose to you what to do and discover the solutions to all of those questions. You want to concentrate on getting better. Investigating those subjects and spending hours at the telephone are the closing things on the doctor’s prescription pad for you.

Good attorneys may be located in lots of places. If you don’t know anyone who has used an attorney for non-public damage depends, there might be a neighborhood bar affiliation referral service. If there is not, or if they are now not open and you won’t touch now, internet search engines like google and yahoo will provide the names and internet site addresses of all types of legal professionals, from single exercise attorneys up to huge companies.

I inspire an awesome study the attorney’s or the law company’s website: read about their revel in and notice if the internet site “speaks to you.” I do now not suggest telephone ebook commercials to discover a legal professional, nor do I propose television ads, due to the fact certainly, they don’t let you know much. Once you select an attorney or two or three to interview, don’t soar without asking numerous questions, regardless of where the attorney’s name came from—the first name to the attorney’s workplace.

You choose a legal professional, and you need to call her or him. Pay interest to several matters: Is the quantity you are calling advertised as 24 Hours? If so, who solutions the call? Is it a tape? Is it the personnel? Is it the legal professional? Any can be perfect, but certainly, you need to be looking to talk to the attorney within an affordable time if that first call would not get you linked to her or him.

Next, ought you name “off-hours” or wait till commercial enterprise hours Monday via Friday, 9 – 5? My feeling is that an attorney who practices non-public injury regulation must recognize that potential clients are calling, regularly very traumatized, often very confused, and regularly in want of a few true strong advice. Accordingly, that attorney has to be available whenever the potential purchaser calls. So you call, and you are commonly pleased. The legal professional sounded ok and invites you to his or her workplace for an appointment. Before you move in, ask a few questions:

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