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Egypt: New Anti-Cyber And Information Technology Crimes Law

To top off a yr of modern and superior felony devices, the Anti-Cyber And Information Technology Crimes Law (Law No. 175 of the yr 2018) has been ratified and posted within the legitimate Gazette. The new regulation addresses troubles that include hacking state information structures, committing crimes via information systems, technology, or e-mail, or publishing fabric online that threatens the united states of America’s safety or financial system. It is a miles-needed update from the outdated it’s 2004 counterpart, which simplest addressed telecommunications.

This made the law insufficient to deal with present-day cybercrimes, which regularly gave judges trouble locating appropriate rules to shape alleged crimes. Moreover, this undermined key standards such as prison actuality and equity. Now, this law, even though not directly nor certainly, an economic law, can be used to provide a guarantee for traders and capability enterprise people, as it’s miles a key tool in any cutting-edge felony system. The regulation, made up of forty-five articles, revolves around ensuring the security and secures the use of era – not around restraining its customers. Accordingly, beneath is a precis of the new liabilities that the regulation enforces:

For Citizens

People who post a photo of a person without their consent get at least 6 months in prison and an excellent of 50 – 100K. Any content published that may be viewed as “against the circle of relatives concepts and values upheld by way of Egyptian society” is also punishable by way of law under Article 25. Making a laugh or making parody money owed of public figures is likewise punishable underneath the brand new law yet below Article 24.

Anyone developing an email, website, or personal account on social media and falsely attributes it to a registered character or corporation also faces an exceptional and jail time. VPNs or anonymous browsers used to denationalize users’ surfing habits are actually unlawful as nicely if the motive of using them is tested to be illegal or cannot be decided. Sharing net connections, wi-fi networks, and Cable TVs have also been included in the law under Article 13.


Hacking is also now punishable whether or not deliberately or no longer. Act of having access to files using an individual without permission are penalized through prison time & any damages to the one’s files extend the sentence. All authentic content posted that violates the privacy of others without their consent is a concern to punishment regardless of the validity of records involved.

For Editors or Publishers of the Media

For an internet site wherein the photo is posted as the facilitator for a crime, the perpetrator gets a minimum of 2 years in prison and a fine of 20-200k.

For Internet Service Providers (ISP)

They must now not gather browsing records for website or publisher, or they may be the situation to a best of up to five-10 million and a ban of license. – Censorship orders issued and no longer nicely enforced are punishable via a sizable fine below Article 30. Furthermore, eavesdropping or intercepting browsing sports of customers, which can be speculated to be personal, is also punishable using a nice of fifty,000 to 250,000 thousand EGP and a yr in jail beneath provisions of article 16.

Censoring or redirecting customers from certain websites is also illegal without order or directive by a ready authority. Censorship orders are issued thru court or through the NTRA. Service providers also ought to get user approval before the usage of their information for advertising. Still, the law does not outline the phrases for the patron or user to consent or retake it. Companies also providing services to others and website hosts are at risk of punishment if they no longer file any crimes devoted.

For Telecom Companies

New regulations define storing and sharing client statistics where they must retain information on customers& site visitors data for as much as 180 records and provide it while brought on. Penalties regarding this difficulty stipulated in article 33 are between 5 million and 10 million, with the threat of revoking the license of working in Egypt. The facts ought to be secured from ability loss or hacking, as such measures should make it inclined. Telecom agencies are also responsible for supplying the era wanted that permits the authorities to investigate.

For Digital Security Experts

Accessing a website, personal account of records system for a longer time than permitted with the aid of the safety clearance is a challenge to punishment no matter their aim. There is a separate sentence for perpetrators relying on their intentions, whether they intended malicious moves or not; however, each is punishable, regardless. This article is different for government entities. For credit score records, extraordinary punishments are described. Individuals who get entry to credit score data get a less sentence than individuals who use credit facts to make purchases or benefit from them.

However, there’s no language within the article to outline acts of those coming across vulnerability within the machine without inflicting damage to the celebration to whom the statistics belong. Lighter consequences are defined as hacking into emails or private debts. However, the reason isn’t always crucial. Harsher consequences are set for hacking into people of legal occupations. – Changing the layout of an internet site in any manner is also an offense, punishable in line with article 19.

For Web, Account, Email or Information System Administrators

All content material posted on social media or the internet using the account held by using this character is underneath their obligation. If the content is unlawful or against society’s values, the administrator is held accountable. A website, personal account, or records machine concerned or facilitating a crime penalizes the directors or proprietors of the website. – Erasing proof against the law is also punishable. Comments, emails, or any other virtual pieces of evidence might not be erased or hid in case of involvement in a criminal offense.

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