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Cyclists Break Far Fewer Road Rules Than Motorists, Finds New Video Study

A new take look at from the Danish Road Directorate suggests that much less than five% of cyclists ruin visitors laws simultaneously as riding, yet 66% of motorists achieve this whilst using. The Danish Cycling Embassy, a privately-funded NGO, puts this down to visibility: regulation breaking with the aid of cyclists is “clean to be aware for every person,” but transgressions by using motorists, including speeding, are harder to spot. The Danish authorities carried out the observation through consulting firm Rambøll using video cameras sited at important junctions in Danish cities and Copenhagen. It was discovered that simply four.9% of cyclists broke avenue regulations after using cycleways. This rose to 14% of cyclists while there has been no biking infrastructure present. ( Want fewer scofflaw cyclists in your metropolis? Install cycleways. )

The video cameras counted 28,579 cyclists crossing at intersections. The most frequently recorded transgression changed into bicycling on the sidewalk. Rule-breaking via cyclists becomes two times as numerous in smaller cities that have fewer cycleways in Denmark. The new look at had nearly equal consequences to an in advance one accomplished by way of the consulting company Copenhagenize. This turned into also a video look at and analyzed the behavior of eighty,000 cyclists: it observed that 5% broke visitors laws. Separate research through the Danish Road Directorate determined that -thirds of motorists routinely flout the regulation, breaking local velocity limits being the most common offense.


Welcoming the brand new video study, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation tweeted its pleasure that, once more, the proof showed that “cyclists aren’t lawless bandits.” Studies someplace else in Europe have previously found that the regulation-breaking “Lycra lout” image is incorrect. A Transport for London study investigated the “hypothesis that the general public of cyclists journey through red lighting fixtures” and located that eighty-four % of cyclists stopped on reds. They have a look at concluded that the “majority of cyclists obey pink traffic lighting fixtures” and that “violation isn’t endemic.”

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