The National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), Hyderabad declares the inaugural edition of the NALSAR Public International Law Moot Court Competition scheduled to be held from August 16-18, 2019.
Who can observe?
The Competition is open to college students currently enrolled in LL.B. Undergraduate Degree Courses and LLM Postgraduate Degree Courses.
Team Composition
Each group shall incorporate at the very least individuals wherein each the members could be required to perform the position of a speaker.
Teams might also contain a maximum of three contributors, wherein two contributors shall perform the function of a speaker and one member shall carry out the function of a researcher.
The substitution of any Team Member isn’t always allowed after the registration cut-off date except in extenuating circumstances and best with permission of the Organizers.
A researcher may be allowed to argue rather than a speaker simplest with the permission of the Court.
No certificates or accommodation will be furnished to a fourth member.
Winning Team Award: The winning team will get hold of a trophy and prize well worth Rs. 50,000/-
Runners-Up Team Award: The runners-up team will receive a trophy and prize worth Rs. 30,000/-
Best Oralist shall acquire a trophy and prize really worth Rs. 10,000/-
Second-Best Oralist shall receive a prize well worth Rs. Five,000/-
The team with the Best Memorials will obtain a trophy and prize really worth Rs. 10,000/-
The team with the Second-Best Memorial will get hold of a prize worth 5,000/-
Best Researcher will get hold of a prize really worth Rs. 10,000/-
Second-Best Researcher will receive a prize worth 5,000/-
All Teams qualifying Stage I might be offered an online certificate course by Enhelion free of price
Interested groups are required to sign in via sending a scanned copy of the duly filled Registration Form to [email protected] with the Subject, “Registration for NALSAR Public International Law Moot 2019”.
The cut-off date for registration is 10th June 2019.
Important Date
Release of Problem: 11 May 2019
Deadline for Registration: 10 June 2019
Last date to are searching for clarifications based totally at the Problem: 15 June 2019
Release of Clarifications: 20 June 2019
Deadline for submission of Memorials: 9 July 2019
Declaration of Memorial Results to determine the 24 teams that will participate within the Oral Rounds: sixteen July 2019
Deadline for the Selected Teams to confirm participation in Stage II: 18 July 2019
Deadline for Payment of Registration Fee of Rs. 6000/USD150 (Indian/Overseas Teams resp.): 20 July 2019
Oral Rounds: sixteen-18 August 2019Private international law is a sector of international law that oversees all legal entanglements that involve foreign law elements. Private international law is also referred to as conflict of laws, as international law usually trumps federal or national laws if there is conflict and the countries in question have signed an agreement to submit to an international ruling.
Private international law determines, if there is a conflict of laws, who has jurisdiction over the specific case and which laws are to be applied by the country that is given jurisdictional rights.
This type of law has been practiced by ages, and was first implemented by the Romans, who established a tribunal to reside over cases brought by foreign states that had a conflict of laws with regards to a criminal, etc. the Roman courts might decide to apply the law of one nation over both Roman law and the other nation.
Thus, private international law is largely used to settle disputes between foreign countries; however, awarding a case to one may mean a backlash from the other. Because of this, international rulings often take into consideration the reality of the situation with regards to international law, and may come to a decision that both countries legal factors are okay with.

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